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Download Media Pack 1.0

Here is a media pack of various PlayDJ logos, artwork and 2 x OBS png scenes to use in your streams.

We will continue to update this area with new overlays, more audio singers and videos for your use as we progress.

download media for PlayDJ.TV

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Be the Blog!

The PlayDJ TV members have already established a fantastic, helpful community and we want to continue this trait and membership style involvement across the board, including our blog!

We have seen how a number of DJs help others out with useful content, demos, instructional videos and explanations.

What we’d like to do is create a community blog category whereby you can have your input and become part of the blogging team, filling the blog with your own relevant content.

We’d also be willing to push the best content onto our YouTube channel. So if you want to create feature instructions, platform show rounds and general relevant DJ content around streaming or equipment then get in touch!

Let us know what content you’d like to write about and we can provide you with more details on what format we’d need to put it live.

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