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Community Space – Our Story so Far. – Our Story so far.

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A little background.

Launching and building has been an exciting, lively, and sometimes extremely hectic journey since our BETA launch back in April 2020.

We launched our UGC model with an idea to create an easy, simple tool for DJs and artists to go live after sensing the world would become more accustomed to streaming live DJ sets.

We launched this initial concept and received outstanding support and demand. Thousands of DJs signed up and started streaming with us within just a couple of weeks!

This took us back by surprise. We were not prepared for this. So as a number of our original BETA users know, we had to take the site offline. This was an extremely hard day for us as we knew we were really on to something.

We rebuilt our whole infrastructure from the ground up and on new, future led technology. This was the only way to ensure we could continue to sustain and afford the costly business of decent, globally deliverable live streaming. There is a good reason as to why only a few platforms are able to sustain UGC live video and if you notice they are generally the large million or billion-dollar enterprise players!

But we were never going to let that stop us. After all, they all began as a start-up at some point right!?

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog

Where we are now.

We relaunched as a membership service for DJs to access the platform and tools we are constantly building and developing to stream and grow their brand in the most flexible and professional way.

Whilst some platforms followed the route of charging entry to access all DJs, we knew this was not the path we wanted to take as we felt that choice should be up to the DJ themselves. We are a user-generated content site. Much like did for Twitch for gamers, we will do for DJs and artists!

Our ethos throughout the whole journey is that we are providing the tools for the artists / DJs to utilise as they want and as they require to better their own brand.

We have been on hyperdrive development since the relaunch and have built some awesome features for DJs so far including:

  • Dedicated Licensed Streaming
  • Live Instant Social Chat
  • Multi-Casting to all other social platforms (with or without muted audio)
  • Accepting Tips direct through the platform
  • Private Streaming (Invite Only Events)
  • Multi-DJ Line Ups / Group Sessions
  • GateCrashing (Raiding other DJs streams) DJ Channels
  • Recording Live Sets with Download
  • DJ Channels
  • PLUS a whole host more to come. [See New Update 2.0 here]

If you’re not yet a member and are interested in joining PlayDJ as a DJ then you can sign up and register here 👉

We currently offer a free account which gives DJs 5 hours a month live streaming. This is a great way to trial the platform.

The Pro DJ is account has 25 hours a month streaming as standard and is for the more serious DJ or pro streamer who want to utilise the pro features.

The Future

The future is bright. We have strong ambition and great plans to shake up the VERY static DJ market and performance industry, which really hasn’t innovated in such a long time. We welcome you along our journey!

This Blog

We thought it was about time to put together an official blog. Whilst we have been super busy developing, supporting DJs and setting up partnerships – we realise we have lacked some good old fashioned bloggin’ communication to give you all easy access to announcements, tutorials, feature guides, discussions and so on.

So here we are! Welcome – to our blog. 🙂

If there is anything you’d like us to discuss in particular then please drop us a line at

We are also going to be hosting a community-driven blog section too on this site.

This is your chance to provide valuable content for other DJs to benefit from, covering both the PlayDJ platform and general DJ content, equipment, tips, discussions etc.

If you want to create a blog then please email