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Community Space – Visual Pack 1.0 – Visual Pack 1.0

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Up Your Stream Game.

In just over a year, the average DJ has gone from working with just physical mobile lighting and sound systems or working with the latest and greatest pro club level gear – to now becoming fully-fledged digital streamers. 💪 It’s a new kind of technology for many and has been a whole new skill set to learn!

We want to do what we can as a platform host to provide you with the best tools that we can provide to up your stream game.

With this in mind, welcome to our first (of many) visuals packs to help get you going or provide you with extra content to bring into your streams for a better visual experience.

Scroll down to find the download link..

What’s Included?

Within this PlayDJ Visuals Pack 1.0 you will find:

  • 24 Background VJ Loops (PlayDJ Loops)
  • 30 PlayDJ Logo Animations for Transitions or Overlays
  • 5 Background Loops (Unbranded)
  • 2 PlayDJ Specific Stinger / Transitions

We thought we’d first arm you with some brand rep content to start getting used to and playing with!

We have some majorly exciting plans in our pipeline to really progress the potential of the Video DJ or Video Jockey. More on this to be released in time. But for now, download the pack below and enjoy!