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Say Hello to PlayDJ 2.0

New Release: PlayDJ 2.0

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Platform News, Release Notes | 0 comments

PlayDJ.TV – The Mission

PlayDJ is on a mission. A mission to build the ultimate and best dedicated solution for the DJ and performance industry to live stream on.

Since the start, rapid integration and fast development has been key to build out the initial MVP and feature rich solution for DJs.

On the sideline, the team at PlayDJ TV had been working on something special. Something that will become the solid ground support and basis for the whole DJ Streaming platform moving forward.

DJs,  viewers, artists…  Welcome to PlayDJ 2.0.  [Released Dec 21 2020].

PlayDJ TV Channel Page

What’s new? A Closer Look At The Features…

Below is a summary of what you can do on with the new release. We will dive deeper into all features further down.

New – In Summary:

🔥 Brand new design and interface
🔥 Your own DJ Channel
🔥 Gain channel followers
🔥 Ability to post announcements
🔥 Promotion Packs 
🔥 Book this DJ enquiry button
🔥 Schedule & share upcoming sets
🔥 Send set reminder notifications to followers
🔥 Record your sets for rewatching and download
🔥 Brand new chat with moderation tools
🔥 Customise what stats are shown on your stream

🔥 Player update with Chromecast & Airplay

Plus the popular Platform features of:

⚡ GateCrash (Raid feature)
⚡ Create Multi-DJ Line Up Events (we do the switching for you)
⚡ Multi-Cast (Restream) with or without audio to social channels
⚡ Private Event Streaming for virtual gigs

New Look & Styling

The whole site has been redesigned and updated to look more sleek with a massive improvement on user experience for mobile devices, all still based in the cloud and accessible on any browser.

For viewing, the site is built as a progressive web app, which means it can be download (or installed) to the home screen of devices and will act just like a native app.


DJ Channels

This biggest change you will see is the new implementation for your personal and group channels. This is now completely rebuilt to help serve both you and your viewers in a better way. 

This will become the home of your brand where your viewers can see announcements, your social media links, upcoming events, watch you live and also rewatch sets. More on this soon.

Your channel will also become the basis for any new channel features to be added in the future as extra tabs.


Smarter URL

Your channel URL is now simplified, e.g:

Channel mobile
Follow DJ on

Gain Followers

You can build your channel audience by allowing fans to follow you. 

By doing so they will get notifications both on the platform and as an email for when you go live. 

Book This DJ Button

We have now made it easier for fans and listeners to enquire about booking you for either a real gig, or a private virtual one.

Book this dj on
Announcements on PlayDj

Post Announcements

You now have an announcement wall on your channel where you can post about upcoming events, stream details, add artwork and provide any general announcement.

You can also pin one to the top of the feed.

Scheduled Events

You can now schedule your upcoming events which will list both on your channel page and on the global platform upcoming page.

Your followers can set reminders to be notified about when you go live!  You can also share the event on social media.  The Promo Pack stream details you set for your scheduled event will automatically change when you go live to match the event date and time.

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog
Record sets on

Record Your Sets

Although the feature is in Beta, you can now record your live sets!

This will then appear in your dashboard to for 30 days where you can edit your details and thumbnail, download the recording and also enable it on-demand for rewatching on your channel, and on the global rewatch page, for 14 days.

You can also see your stats for total live views and rewatch views.


Promo Packs

PlayDJ now offers Promo Packs which holds stream titles, descriptions and thumbnails which you can easily recall for scheduling sets and when going live.

This makes it a lot simpler for those with regular shows to update their live channel without re-entering same information each time.

You can also set a default setting for when you go live on the fly!

Book this dj on
Announcements on PlayDj
Chat moderation on

Chat Moderation & Revamp

We have completely rebuilt our real-time chat integration to create a smoother experience for you. We know trolls and unwanted comments have been a large issue with our chat allowing guests, so this issue has been at the core of the rebuild and we think we have a great solution for you.

You can now see a list of who is currently in the chat (not necessarily total of who’s watching) and take one of three actions against them:

– Mute – this is a user to user mute, you will no longer see the person’s comments or future comments, but everyone else in the chat will. Guests and viewers can ONLY mute others.

 – Kick – This is a host DJ action only – as the DJ you can kick the user from this specific stream chat. When you next stream they will be allowed re-entry. This Kicks them from everyone’s stream and removes all interactions/comments

– Ban – This is a host DJ action only – as the DJ you can ban the user from this stream and all future streams. This bans them from everyone’s stream and removes all interactions/comments.

When someone tips you it will also show in the chat feed to hopefully encourage others!

You can disable Guest Chat and reactions in your Channel Page Settings.


More Channel Control

PlayDJ now gives you more control to choose what stats you want shown on your channel and also your guest chat control.

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog

Core Features 

PlayDJ has also carried through its popular features from prior to the update. Take a look at these below.

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog


PlayDJ allows DJ’s to GateCrash (aka Raid) other DJs streams with all their followers.

This is a great way to keep the party alive and find new viewing audiences.

Sharing is caring!

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog

Group Channels

PlayDJ Group Channels provide the ability to team up with fellow DJs and create multiple DJ events on new group channels.

Create your line up and PlayDJ will do the switching of DJs for you automatically.

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog


PlayDJ provides Multi-Cast (Restream) functionality so you can send your stream to all social destinations, plus custom RTMP locations with or without audio.
A great way to promote your PlayDJ stream without it being taken down.

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog

Private Streaming

PlayDJ Private Streaming give you the ability to create events just for certain invitees hidden from the public eye. Perfect for streams to venues or other households.
Fill in your guest list, send the invites and let them log in to see your steam. 


A lot of new updates has come in to play with the biggest release to date yet. And whilst this blog summarises the most part, there is still plenty more to dig into.

We will continue to do a series of blogs going into more depth of the functionality, along with other aspects which haven’t been covered here.

We will also keep you u to date with small updates and releases as we progress. We take all your feedback and build to the DJs request.

If you have any requests then please join our Facebook Group, email us or Sign Up to the platform and chat to us live.