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How To MultiCast to Facebook from PlayDJ TV

Multi-Cast to Facebook from PlayDJ TV

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What is Multi-Cast?

PlayDJ’s Multi-Cast feature was born out of the desire for DJs to reach as much audiences as they can. We saw a huge number of DJs using Restream, and paying out for expensive plans that included custom RTMP endpoints, so we built our own version of Restream included within the plan.

Multi-Cast is a feature for Pro members [sign up here], and it allows you to stream to PlayDJ and also push your stream to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Periscope and also up too 4 custom RTMP endpoints for other locations such as Mixcloud.

Can I stream to Facebook?

Yes. And no.  Yes, you can with PlayDJ Multi-Cast, but no you still cannot stream WITH audio and not run the risk of being muted, taken down or even banned for a period of time. This is due to Facebook’s own licensing (or lack of) and their rules.

So how and why would I Multi-Cast to Facebook from PlayDJ? 

Well, we have you covered! We are the ONLY platform known to us right now who allows you to stream your live PlayDJ video to Facebook but MUTED. This stream then becomes a virtual advert for you!

You can choose to send to Facebook as a muted stream with PlayDJ.TV, which means all of your followers and friends get the notification that you are live, which pulls them to your stream.

From here you can link-out direct to your PlayDJ channel stream, for an easy one-click connect.

Live Video Adverts? Check. ✔️

How To Do It

Now we understand why we’d still cast to Facebook, let’s take a look at how you can do this.

First we need to understand the terms Stream URL and Stream Key.

Stream URL =

Stream Key = 

Full Stream URL =

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog
PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog

MultiCast Box

When logged in [with a Pro DJ Plan] you will see the multi-cast box on your streaming dashboard under the stream tab.

This is where we will be inputting and saving our stream key and URL for various platform. This post we will just be looking at Facebook.

Get your Facebook Live Stream Details

To get your Facebook Live stream details, click GO LIVE as you would as if you are going live just on Facebook.

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog


PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog
PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog

Top Tip! – Ensure you click the USE PERSISTENT STREAM KEY option on the left box. This will keep your details the same for every stream that is associated to that page or profile that you have selected.
Also, untick the ‘End live video if stream stops’ box. This will keep your connection open.

Now copy over your Facebook Stream URL and Stream Key given.

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog

Start Your Multi-Cast

Once done you should have something that looks like this.

Start streaming with you encoder and you will then be able to hit the ‘Go’ button to start multicasting. 

By default, we send WITHOUT audio.

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog

Update Your Multi-Cast

Once you’re multi-casting you will see this. You can stop your cast, or update your cast if you decide to now send with audio. 

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog

You Are Live!

Now you have your stream coming through to your Facebook Live manager, you can set your description to your PlayDJ.TV Channel Link, and write in your Stream title something like “No Audio, Click the link in the description for full audio experience”

We also recommend putting your link in the comments and pin it.  People will inevitably say ‘no audio, can’t hear it’ so the more you tell them where to hear your stream, the better!

NOTE:  Now you will need to click GO LIVE on Facebook’s side to ensure you go live there.