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Streaming to PlayDJ TV from Virtual DJ

Streaming to PlayDJ TV from Virtual DJ

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Using Virtual DJ to Stream

Virtual DJ is a great bit of software and one that very often leads the way in functionality for DJs. This has been the case for a quite a while now with broadcasting, for both audio and video.

This guide will take you through the basic steps to get you up and running and streaming with Virtual DJ direct to PlayDJ TV.

Setting Up

To get going click the settings icon in the top right of your Virtual DJ screen. 

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog
PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog

Video Settings

Once in the ‘Settings’ menu, select the ‘BROADCAST’ tab and select video.

Select in the drop-down ‘Stream to’ options. This will autofill the Stream URL.

For Quality selection, click High. You will need at least 5mbs upload speed for this setting.

Now copy your PlayDJ stream key into the stream key box. This is provided to you on the streaming dashboard in your PlayDJ account.

Quick Tip!  

Please note: If you choose medium, you may find audio issues on certain devices due to the audio bitrate and codec Virtual DJ broadcasts at. Audio must be 192kbps at least.  The high setting is already set to 192kbps.

Start Broadcast  

When you’re ready to send your stream to PlayDJ, hit the start broadcast button on Virtual DJ.
(Don’t worry, there is still a preview section in PlayDJ to check your stream before you go live to the world)

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog

Preview Stream

You will now see your stream coming through to PlayDJ! You will see your video preview in your streaming dashboard under the Stream tab.

Please note: there will be a streaming delay of around 8-12 seconds. However, this can vary.

The preview is for you to test your audio and video quality. Make sure you are happy with how it looks and sounds before going live to on your channel.

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog

Go Live!

Now you have your stream and are happy with how it’s looking and sounding, choose to go live as either Video or Audio only. You will also have the option to select your Promo Pack [Stream title and description] and also the option to record your set.

When ready hit activate, confirm you want to go live and this will send your stream live to your DJ channel and the live listings page on PlayDJ.

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog

Live on Your Channel

You will now be live to the world on your own DJ Channel. From here you can share your unique URL for your followers to land straight onto your live stream.

Your unique URL is what you will have set on initial account registration. This can be found at the top of your streaming dashboard to share.

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog

Bonus Tip!

Try not to use ‘Wifi’ to stream. It can be unreliable depending on your network.

Plug your Laptop/PC/Macbook in via ethernet if you can!

PlayDJ.TV - The Official Blog